Hermit Safely.

11013158_10205959659047904_5434191678831977897_nEmbrace the silent censure of Crisis, the Distracted Hermit mascot, as he urges you to drink in moderation. What’s that contraption?

Hermit Safely.

The Distracted Hermit does not condone irresponsible drinking, or any actions resulting from such overindulgence. Underage drinking is also not endorsed on this site, and a great deal of our content concerns alcohol. So if you’re underage in your country and still reading this for some reason, you should now find something else to do.

Binge drinking is a senseless waste of health and liquor. There is no beauty in a drink that is not savored and enjoyed in moderation. A finely cooked recipe would be rendered worthless in an eating contest; a fine liquor, doubly so. If you feel that drinking for you or a loved one is spiraling out of control, here are some resources to help get you back on your feet:

If you are going out on the town, leave your car at home. Use a rideshare, bring a sober friend, call a cab, use public transportation, or plan an overnight trip. Alternately, just stay at home. Building up your own liquor cabinet will not only save you money in drinks and tips, but it will reduce your risk of a driving incident to zero. Here are some resources for finding a safe ride home after drinking:

  • Uber – available for both Android and iOS, this has rideshare is readily accessible in most U.S. cities¬†and quite a few international destinations.
  • Lyft – another popular rideshare, with its own Android and iOS apps available.
  • The SaferRide App is also available on Android and iOS, and is administered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Transportation.
  • If you live in or near Austin, the ATX Safer Streets movement has gained quite a bit of momentum. ATX Safer Streets recommends¬†always leaving your car at home if you plan on drinking, to eliminate the temptation to drive yourself home.

Speaking of health, all fellow distracted hermits should assume responsibility for their own nutrition. Recipes on this site are not precise and may contain allergens. Neither are they aimed at low-fat, low-calorie, or low sodium/sugar/cholesterol diets. The Distracted Hermit follows a diet of income and common sense moderated decadence, so keep this in mind.