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Gin Taste Tests for Martinis.


Gin Taste Tests for Martinis.

Another gin taste test for martinis. Although Noilly Prat reigns supreme for French vermouth, gin choices aren’t so easy. Even though it lacks prestige, New Amsterdam makes a smooth martini, in the style of the newer, “smooth” gins. It comes off a little too sweet for my taste, and requires a lower percentage of vermouth. Beefeater competes and comes recommended by the Regans (The Martini Companion), but Bombay Sapphire is completely unsuitable for martinis. Next time I’ll try Gordon’s before moving into top shelf.

New Years Eve.

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Raspberry Diamond Fizz

For my raspberry diamond fizz champagne cocktails tonight, I’m trying out Fizz 56, a lovely red brachetto sparkly from Italy (DOC). So far so good! A diamond fizz = gin, champagne, lemon juice, and an egg white. Creamy and wonderful.

New Year’s Eve Dinner & Cocktails.

Happy New Year’s Eve! (And Happy New Year’s Day to my friends on the other side of the world.) Champagne drinks will be in the New Orleans historical tradition, dinner will be in the Greek tradition. So, Diamond Fizzes and Raspberry Diamond Fizzes will accompany red wine braised lamb shanks (αρνι κοκκινιστο: arni kokkinisto). Let’s do it!

In Pursuit of the Perfect Martini Glass.

In Pursuit of the Perfect Martini Glass.

Martinis. This is a good glass – short, soft, not birdbath sized. It was hell finding a decent glass, that wasn’t too tall or with razor sharp edges (Bormioli), etched with tacky frosted patterns (Mikasa – really??), painted and nearly unwashable (Etsy), painted with lips or encrusted with jewels (I’m looking at you, Lolita), crazy overpriced (Riedel), or with zigzag stems or in packs of 15 (Libby). I found this glass AT THE DOLLAR STORE. There you go.

Now, Nik’s Retro Dirty as Hell Perfect Martini: Wash interior of glass with sweet vermouth, dump out. 1 1/2 ounces of gin, 1/2 ounce of dry vermouth stirred with ice and strained into glass, 2 olives, a dash of orange bitters (from vintage recipe) and a nice healthy splash of the olive juice. I know, I have no olive picks yet. Those come Friday. Stainless steel, baby.