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Essential Bar Items: Single-Serve Champagne Bottles.

Pictured: two single-serve bottles of Korbel California champagne.


Single-serving champagne bottles: The best thing to happen to Champagne Tuesdays (happening now). While the selection of brands may be slim, if you like to enjoy champagne cocktails like the French 75 or Diamond Fizz, this is a good bar stock item. Besides, after you drop a shot of gin into your fancy champagne, it loses all of its pedigree anyway.

In Pursuit of the Perfect Martini Glass.

In Pursuit of the Perfect Martini Glass.

Martinis. This is a good glass – short, soft, not birdbath sized. It was hell finding a decent glass, that wasn’t too tall or with razor sharp edges (Bormioli), etched with tacky frosted patterns (Mikasa – really??), painted and nearly unwashable (Etsy), painted with lips or encrusted with jewels (I’m looking at you, Lolita), crazy overpriced (Riedel), or with zigzag stems or in packs of 15 (Libby). I found this glass AT THE DOLLAR STORE. There you go.

Now, Nik’s Retro Dirty as Hell Perfect Martini: Wash interior of glass with sweet vermouth, dump out. 1 1/2 ounces of gin, 1/2 ounce of dry vermouth stirred with ice and strained into glass, 2 olives, a dash of orange bitters (from vintage recipe) and a nice healthy splash of the olive juice. I know, I have no olive picks yet. Those come Friday. Stainless steel, baby.