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Superbowl Sunday.



Barleywine and bourbon stout for Superbowl Sunday, sold to me by the most clueless, bored employee ever. Look, I’d work in a liquor store just to wax poetic about beer, gin and champagne cocktails to every poor bastard that comes to my register. If you work in a high-end liquor store, you should not only know the barleywine in my hand, but at least three others. You’d better own that sh*t!

(clears throat) Superbowl Menu: Tapas. Cheese-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates, miniature spicy sausage omelet medallions, pan-fried oyster mushrooms, seared scallops, and of course, the obligate nachos.

Beer Braised Beef.


Beer Braised Beef

Beef Braised in Guinness Beer, topped in its finished sauce. Would be nice to try a Scottish Wee Heavy, or an Oatmeal Stout.


Guinness is excellent for an ultra dark, rich gravy. The bitter was countered with molasses & spices. Recipe: Find a nice cut of roasting beef, cut into thick slices by hand or buy pre-sliced. Add slices to deep roasting pan in layers until 3/4 full. Add one bottle of dark or amber beer, several pulped cloves of garlic, a bit of thyme, salt, and a few tablespoons of brown sugar or molasses. Roast without lid, turning meat occasionally, at 375F until meat is tender and browned. Drain roasting fluids into a pan and finish into gravy with preferred thickener (flour, corn starch, beurre manie, roux) and extra brown sugar or molasses to counterbalance any brew bitterness. Serve.