Step Up Your Martini Game.

Step Up Your Martini Game.


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Christmas present. Thanks Sis! I had this gem on my Amazon wishlist for quite awhile and she finally obliged me. I already switched out the “modern” (bird bath sized) martini glasses for a pair of smaller vintage ones.

I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t this a bit superfluous? Do you really need a dedicated cocktail case? First, I want you to envision yourself: Cocktail Aficionado, esteemed by friends and family alike. Will they invite you to their parties? Will they expect you to dazzle them with a recipe or three? Of course they will. Now, I want you to imagine yourself pulling an open cardboard box out of the trunk of your car and huffing up the walkway to your host’s house, bottles and glasses clinking, as you hope there’s no cat or dog underfoot to send you diving face-first into a mess of glass and wasted vermouth. Seems a bit more appealing now, doesn’t it? I bet.

Or, if that scenario doesn’t suit, just imagine the next family Thanksgiving, with those one or two intolerable relatives talking nonstop, and nothing on the table but sparkling cider. You’re welcome.