Tasting Notes Bourbon Edition: Jefferson’s Ocean Bourbon.


Jefferson’s Ocean Bourbon

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Gin Tasting Notes to bring you a special Bourbon Edition. I’ve finally gotten my hands on something I’ve long coveted, Jefferson’s Ocean, an extremely small batch bourbon aged four years out to sea in barrels over 10,000 miles. The regular movement of the ocean allows the bourbon constant contact with the barrel wood, while imparting a subtle brine from the salty air. I’ve some Bulleit’s bourbon for contrast, a decent drink for enjoying a good cigar. Verdict: Jefferson’s is absolute ambrosia on the nose, and that’s where you’ll pick up most hints of brine. It makes Bulleit’s smell like paint fumes in comparison, and you can bury your nose in the glass indefinitely with no risk of singeing your nose hairs. It’s rich and complicated on the palate, lingering in the mouth while constantly evolving. Certainly worth the steep price tag. But if any friends swing by and I let you try some, you’re putting out at the end of the night.

No, seriously. Just mentioning the price has me almost swallowing my tongue. Gotta recoup somehow.