Gin Tasting Notes: Spirit Hound Distillers Gin


Spirit Hound Distillers Gin

The next in my ongoing gin tasting series is Spirit Hound Distillers Gin, produced just down the road in Lyons, and comes recommended to me by at least two people. It’s produced with locally grown “juniper berries, anise, fennel, clove, and cinnamon.” However, the anise overpowers all else in this gin, so if you like anise, then I’ve got a gin for you. Strongly reminiscent of absinthe (but with none of the fun), it transforms a 4:1 clean martini into a taste close to Nyquil. Even the best vermouth cowers in the corner with this gin. If you prefer your martinis dirty, you’ll still grimace with every sip. So unless this gin proves awesome in my champagne cocktails, I’ll be assigning it to my emergency medical supplies as disinfectant.